Rebekah Modrak
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INCIDENT No.72: Rebekah Modrak



Re Made Co. exists as a “company” via website ( and social media that parodies the urban woodsman aesthetic of Best Made Co, which markets designer axes through the rhetoric of authenticity, the appropriation of working-class identities, and the revitalization of traditional male roles.  Re Made Co. substitutes Best Made Co.'s $300 urban axe with a $300 toilet plunger and satirizes their marketing campaign through design, social media, and photography. 


Re Made Company explores the phenomena of the “urban pioneer” as a high-culture consumer who identifies with blue-collar work and perceived pioneer lifestyle. The cultural tourism at hand suggests that men can temporarily renounce their white-collar values and play out virtues of self-reliance and ruggedness through the purchase of luxury items. The artwork critiques the ways that commerce juxtaposes sophisticated graphic design with images of rugged men and activities to reassure their consumer community that they can simultaneously enjoy the comforts of modern life and identify with their pioneer selves. 

This project uses critical design to pose pivotal questions related to the aestheticization and commodification of tools:  Why are tools meant for work stylized and sold as luxury items?  How is working-class labor sanitized and sold for white-collar fantasy?  How are objects marketed with contradictory references, each promising “authentic” experiences that will lead to self-fulfillment? 


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